about my art

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My recent artworks are primarily abstract with subtle references to views and objects found in nature.  Inspired by my childhood environment, my pieces tell about growing up in a rural area of northern Minnesota, where the deep woods, vast fields, and a winding river were just out my door.  And let’s not forget about Lake Superior down the hill…  I enjoy channeling these cherished images and experiences of Up North while I paint.  It’s like going home.

My process is spontaneous and improvisational.   I love making discoveries on the canvas by covering up and exposing under-layers using different techniques.  I intentionally leave brushstrokes and other markings that give life to a piece and help tell the story of its evolution.


As of the summer of 2017, I have been represented by Veronique Wantz Gallery in Minneapolis.  Please check their website for my recent works for sale.  Here is the link to the short Getting to Know Allison Johanson Introduction the gallery posted on their website featuring me and my work.  AND if you are local and want to get a closer in-person view, the gallery staff is most friendly and would welcome your visit!



901 North Fifth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401
t: 612-254-2838 e:gallery@veroniquewantz.com

Veronique Wantz Gallery






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